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At the Sign of the Fedora Game Development
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This is the community for the Sign of the Fedora game development board:

Evil Overlord: Tim (me)
Head of the Legions of Doom: Danny
Chief of the Secret Police: Elizabeth
Chief Super-Weapon Developer: Steve

This is where all on-going projects will be posted for general access, discussion and storage; where finished work will be kept to ensure we have a singular database we can all refer to; where we can discuss ideas, offer encouragement and mock each other; and where assignments will be handed out and chastisements given.

This community is invitation/request only. Anyone who knows us and wants to keep track of this gargantuan task we've set ourselves and offer advice/opinions as the work unfolds (or, indeed, just anyone who has a clue what I'm gibbering on about), please feel free to drop me a line.

This board will be a democracy. Everyone may voice their thoughts and be listened to by everyone else. Ideas and opinions may, nay must, be interchanged freely. Everyone must remember, though, that I am THE EVIL OVERLORD. I AM THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA OF THIS WORLD WE ARE CREATING, AND MY WORD IS LAW.


Thanks for listening.